Our Story

Hello!  My name is Sarah and I started this business on our little backyard patio while we were stationed in Japan in 2016! 

I am a self proclaimed creative basket case and I have a passion for creating!  You can usually find me in the garage working with wood or painting, doodling away on a sketchpad, or aiming my camera lens at anything that moves me.  I am inspired by nature, the places we have traveled, and all of the talented artists that are making our world a more beautiful place. I believe that everyone is born with a creative side and that many forms of art can be learned. I always try to inspire someone to try something new.

In my opinion, our homes should reflect our personal style and tell our story to the guests we invite inside. I create handcrafted home decor with this concept in mind.

The Teal Anchor name was built on my obsession for all things TEAL and the Anchor. As a Navy spouse and Veteran, the Anchor has been the symbol my husband Chad and I have built our life upon. Together, we are raising two beautiful teenage girls on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are excited to watch our little business grow into something we can hopefully carry on into the retirement years!

Thank you for being here!